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You got into real estate to have more freedom of time and to make more money. How’s that working for you?

We hear it all the time: “YOU need to build your business!” The truth is most agents never really do. At best, they’re running from deal to deal, chasing the next bright prospect, while being a hostage to their last transaction and living through what many believe must be the normal real estate income “Rollercoaster”.

At Nextage Realty, we take a different approach. We help our agents to build that business. It’s marketing based. It’s supported by tools and training. And it gives YOU a chance to have a sustainable, replicable success, where each year business can grow and get easier, allowing for less work, and helping YOU have the life YOU envisioned when YOU got into this business.

With our innovative compensation model, we support an agent in smoothing out those income peaks and valleys, relieving financial stress and allowing that agent to attentively think forward toward greater development. And for the agent who has discovered there is no easy way to sell a real estate practice, our model delivers income beyond active participation in transactions, allowing for a retirement strategy unique in this industry.

At Nextage Realty, it’s all about creating holistic success, a life filled up in all areas.

Most importantly, at Nextage Realty, we focus not just on the business, the production or the money, but on a holistic approach to fulfillment in every area of life for the individuals who are part of our team. Our Nextage Realty philosophy is that success and fulfillment start from WITHIN YOU. Personal growth and whole life development is a central value of our culture, and it plays out in our evolutionary conversation, training and actions. We believe that a group of well-rounded, fulfilled people is the foundation for a great environment and true success.

The changes you make today will make your tomorrows more inspiring.

Imagine “playing” for a winning team where the individuals hold themselves and one another to a higher standard, where you are surrounded by people who are in alignment with the idea of holistic (complete, well-rounded) success. This is a positive environment where people feel supported in building a business worth having and a life worth living.

Nextage Realty agents learn how to design a life and then to create the business to serve that life vision.

Imagine what’s Next for YOU… Envision the life YOU want and create it with us… at Nextage Realty.

Nextage Realty

About Nextage Realty

You got into real estate to have more time and make more money, and too often, within a short time you have neither. You wake up and realize you are working very hard for limited success, yet you cannot figure out what needs to change. At Nextage Realty, we support you to design a vision for your life, and then help you create the business that supports that vision. With great technology, a best-of-class personal and property marketing program, a company culture of giving and winning, and a compensation model beyond what you alone can do. Freedom of time and money can be yours at Nextage Realty. Join us and experience What's Next!

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